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Club News For Everyone

 I hope that this newsletter finds you and your families all keeping fit and well.  

Notice of AGM

A reminder that the AGM will be held next Monday (18th May) via Zoom. You need to sign up for the AGM via Eventbrite. Full details are in the recent emails from Ginevra. 

YMCA Virtual Fun Run

Please support our friends at the YMCA by taking part in their virtual fun run. More details are on the noticeboard. I know that a few of us have already done this and Jas is still the quickest at the time of writing.


Strava Art Competition

Although the competition finished last week Christian has clearly got the bit between his teeth and did this amazing run.


New Virtual Competitions for May

The 5 x 1 mile relay challenge starts this week.

I have allocated the first 35 people who said they were interested to teams of I hope, approximately equal strength based on mile times recorded this week. I may have to adjust the teams if my calculations are wildly out. I know one or two of you said that you were not able to start straight away and that is not a problem as I will adjust times accordingly. If anyone else wants to join in please let me know and I will do my best to fit you in.

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team 6 Team 7
Adrian Grant Tom Almond Jake Boud Christian Froggatt Malcolm Woodman Adam Parkin Steve Cheesman

Jas Dhanda

Andrew Bamford Ken Packer Gillian O'Regan George Roux Ginevra Stonley Freddie Roux
Euan Willis Max Orchard Robert Duncton Will John-Cox George Duncton Ian Edmonds Jack Finn
Jamilla Ncayiyana Usha Stevens Nat Wilson Adriana Collins Frank O'Regan Fran Afonso

Kate Knight

Duncan Mallison Chris Wigley Ruth Willis Adrian Bowden Stephen Smith Antony Collins Rob Wigley


The rules are very simple - send me your fastest mile (or fastest 2 consecutive kilometers) of the week by Sunday evening and I will work out the overall time for your team for the week. 

The team times will be published in the newsletter each week. If you can't run for any reason or you don't submit a time I will include an average of your previous times for the week. 

In addition I will publish the five fastest individual times from each of the following categories - men, ladies and juniors. To set the ball rolling the fastest five men who sent in times were  Rob Wigley (05:26), Tom Almond (05:38), Duncan Mallison (05:47), Adam Parkin (06:21) and Steve Cheesman (06:31). The fastest ladies who submitted times were Ginevra Stoneley (06:43), Gillian O'Regan (06:56), Usha Stevens (08:53), Adriana Collins (10:18) and Kate Knight (12:00). The fastest juniors were Max Orchard(05:48), Robert Duncton (07:02) and George Duncton (08:08).

Monthly Climbing Challenge

Charlie Butcher leads the climbing challenge with 1972 metres. Adrian Grant is in second place with 1263 metres, narrowly ahead of Fran Dunham with 1243 metres. 

A Challenge for this week

Run or walk the shortest distance to take in road or street names that begin with the letters R,P,A and C. Please note that this does not include the words Road, Avenue or Crescent. As an example Ringley Park Avenue would count only as an "R".


EA Virtual Club Nights

A reminder that England Athletics is staging a series of "Virtual Club Nights", including quizzes and talks. Details are on the noticeboard. 


Keep in touch

 It's more important than ever that we keep in touch with each other at this time. Stay safe everybody. Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see in the newsletter.

If you wish to get in touch our email address is