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You will have seen the report in this week's newsletter about Ginevra's run at the Richmond Runfest Half Marathon on Sunday, wearing an England vest, but may be wondering how she got to be selected. Read on to find out!

England Athletics organise a number of events each year for the "England Masters Age Group" teams, at 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon distances. There is one representative race at each distance each year, in 2022 these will be Great Bristol 10K, the Chester Half Marathon and the Chester Marathon. If selected, these are the races in which you get to wear your England vest and compete against the best Masters athletes in England. There is often a team race against the Celtic nations as well, although the effects of COVID meant this did not happen in 2021.

There are 4 qualification races for each distance. You enter one or more of these races as normal, and pre-register with EA that you are seeking to qualify at the race. On the day, you "simply" need to finish in the top 3 of those in your age category who have pre-registered with EA. If anyone ahead of you has already qualified, they are effectively removed from the results (i.e. you move up a place). There is also a qualification time standard, which you must have achieved in either the qualifying race or in a previous race (since 1st Jan 2020 for 2022 qualification). Achieve all that and you are on your way.

There are club members who are perfectly capable of achieving selection - even if you are not successful, it will give your racing in 2022 a focus and allow you to plan your year around the qualification races.

Full details are available on the EA website here. Or talk to Ginevra or me for further information.


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