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Club News for Everyone

Membership Renewals Reminder 

Thank you to everyone who has already renewed. 

If you do not pay your subs by direct debit and have not yet paid you need to get your skates on as you need to have paid by the 15th August in order to to meet the deadline for EA registration.

If you do not intend to re-join us this year please can you let Nat Wilson know  so that we can keep our records straight. 


Welcome to our New Members

Please join me in extending a warm RPAC welcome to the following people who have joined the club very recently

Eleanor Brooker, Ashleigh Brailsford, Tanya Johnson, Holly Kew, Sarah Pemberton and Angie Steadman. 

Apologies if I have missed anyone - let us know who you are and you will get a mention next week 


Summary Minutes from July's Committee Meeting

Are available here.


New Saturday Social Group 10:30AM from Priory Park

The first Saturday Social Group run took place in the mid-morning sun last Saturday (8th August).

We already have a list of 10 potential attendees - thanks to everyone who has shown an interest.

Next week we will stick to a run around Priory Park again - a maximum of 3 loops.

You can read about the new group on the RPAC Noticeboard here , and you need to email Paul Walters to be included in the list of Saturday attendees. 

I've included this item in the "for everyone" bit just in case there might be any junior's parents who might be interested.


Junior News

Junior Training Sessions

Training for the U11s has resumed on Saturday mornings. We are constrained by EA guidelines as to the permissible number of athletes per coach and so will each week be asking who wishes to attend so that we can manage the numbers.  


Senior News

Senior Training Sessions

You can see the participants of the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday coached sessions here. There are now more than 12 participants on each list, and going forward the numbers for each group will rely on participants occasional reasons for being an absentee from the group (such as holiday or injury) to limit the groups to 12 people per session. If you know that you can't make a particular session please try to let us know so that your place can be reallocated.

 Senior 1000m Time Trial

The training sessions for the week commencing 25th August will be given over to a 1000m time trial. If you are not participating in any of the training sessions that week you are free to submit your fastest self-timed 1000m of the week. There will be a further reminder about this nearer the time.


London Marathon 2020

You will no doubt have seen the news that the London Marathon will be for elite and wheelchair athletes this year and will be run on an enclosed looped course in St James’s Park in a "secure biosphere". 


Keep in touch

 It's more important than ever that we keep in touch with each other at this time. Stay safe everybody. Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see in the newsletter.

If you wish to get in touch our email address is