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 I hope that this newsletter finds you and your families all keeping fit and well. I hope that the return to school for some of our junior members and those in the teaching profession wasn't too difficult. Can you believe this glorious weather? 

Summer 10K Is Cancelled

With great regret the decision has been made to cancel the Summer 10K for this year. Full details are on the noticeboard


We are waiting for an update from England Athletics on their advice following the government's change in restrictions that came into force today (1st June). Until we have received that advice and the coaches have been able to discuss it we are still limited to socially-distanced one-to-one coaching. Watch out for updates on the noticeboard and in the newsletter.

Virtual Competitions 

 5x1 Mile Relay - This was Week 3  of 4

There is no shaking Team 1 from the top spot. They were the fastest team again by some way with a combined total time for the 5 miles of 32:43 - an improvement of 28 seconds over last week. Congratulations to Adrian Grant, Jas Dhanda, Euan Willis, Jamilla Ncayiyana and Duncan Mallison who make up the dream team. 

The finishing order was Team 1 (32:43), Team 2 (34:18), Team 3 (35:20), Team 4 (35:45), Team 6 (35:33), Team 5 (35:58), Team 7 (39:18). Team 7 lost a bit of ground this week as Jack Finn is injured and was not running at his usual pace. 

The fastest men were George Roux (5:09), Freddie Roux (5:19), Duncan Mallison (5:37), Tom Almond (5:38) and Jas Dhanda (6:01).  Well done Jas for breaking into the top 5. Well done too to Adrian Grant who recorded a PB for the third successive week with 8:10 and a big shout out to Ian Edmonds for a very nippy 7:44. 

The fastest ladies were Ginevra Stoneley (5:50), Jamilla Ncayiyana (6:02), Gillian O'Regan (7:02), Ruth Willis (7:10) and Claire Humphrey (7:52). Well done Claire for breaking into the top 5. 

The fastest junior runners were Will John-Cox (5:51), Max Orchard (5:54), Robert Duncton (7:14) and George Duncton (7:30) - well done to all of you!

Well done to everyone - keep up the good work and let's see if someone can unseat Team 1 in the final week.

Weekly Challenge 

Last week's challenge was to try the EA Agility Challenge. I don't think anyone took up that particular gauntlet!

Monthly Climbing Challenge

Charlie Butcher topped the leaderboard last week with a huge 1962 metres of climbing. Adrian Grant was in second place with 1273 metres and Tom Almond was hard on his heels with 1247. Final positions for May are Charlie Butcher, Tom Almond and Adrian Grant - well done guys.

A Challenge for this week

Something really very simple this week - send me a photo of your favourite view taken whilst out running or walking.  The best photos will be included in next week's newsletter. 

Keep in touch

 It's more important than ever that we keep in touch with each other at this time. Stay safe everybody. Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see in the newsletter, especially if you have any bright ideas for competitions.

If you wish to get in touch our email address is