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Hello everyone. I hope you're all keeping safe and well in this new period of lockdown. Just a reminder that all group training is cancelled until the end of the lockdown. You are still allowed to exercise with members of your household or bubble, or with one person from outside of your household.


New Club Members 

Please join me in extending a very warm RPAC welcome to Ben Kamp who has recently joined the juniors section of the club.


Minutes of the October Committee Meeting

Please read the summary minutes of the October 2020 committee meeting here.


Roll up! Roll up! Get your RPAC official merchandise here!

Can't go Christmas shopping? Oh yes you can! If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas this year, take a look at the updated items available on the iProSports Club Zone.

There are a number of new items including those suitable for our junior members, bobble hats, face masks and the lovely jackets you’ll seen worn by club coaches & leaders.

A lot of items are also available in dark blue with a red logo. Hover over the photos to check if the alternative colour is available.


Club Branded Tee-shirts too for the discerning Reigate Priory AC member

Did you know that you can easily purchase a technical running shirt from the club's stock from the designs below?

As you can see these designs are available in three colours - Red, Dark Blue and Light Blue - and are for general running, training and social runs. Please note they are not suitable for events and races when representing the club. They are offered in men's, women's and youth sizes and cost £15.00 each (or £12.50 for youth sizes).

Contact Mike Gent on the email address  for juniors shirt availability or email for senior shirt availability - just get in touch with us for your garment.


Battlebridge floodlights turned on

With Council approval, we will be switching on the floodlights at Battlebridge between the hours of 6 - 9pm Monday to Thursday, for the duration of lockdown.

This is to make it easier for both club members and members of the public to exercise whilst restrictions are in place.

Obviously, everyone must adhere to the current rules, in particular stay within your household group, or one plus one, whilst maintaining social distance.


Virtual Competitions

You will remember that during the Spring lockdown we ran a series of virtual competitions. To get us started this time we recently received the following email from Graham Smith who is Robin Dewar-Smith's brother, about a virtual competition called Fly5K. (Note - Apologies for the miscommunication last week where Graham was introduced as Robin's brother-in-law rather than his brother).

"Several months ago during the first lockdown I set up a free weekly Saturday morning virtual 5k, and wondered if your club members might be interested in taking part. We have members of around 30 clubs taking part each week and an average of 140 runners of all abilities and ages. It's intended to be a bit more race focused than (non)parkrun, being at a specific time (8-12 on Saturday morning), and we also have an inter club competition every three weeks, the next one being this Saturday 21st November. Club runners can submit times from other events or 5k sections from longer runs too. Our Facebook group is the key !.. as it means we can actually share our race efforts, etc. and get to know a wider group of people beyond our own clubs whilst normal racing can't take place. If this sounds of interest and you think RPAC members might like to take part then all they need to do is have a look at our website www.runfly5k.com and if they're on Facebook they can join us at facebook.com/groups/fly5k. There's no need to register and anyone can take part. We've had great feedback about how motivating it is for people right now, so hopefully we can spread that wider to members of clubs like yours. "

It would be good to support Graham and there seem to be some quick times so it could be a good opportunity to get some RPAC runners up amongst the leaders.


The Reigate CheckPoint Run Challenge Race 1 2020 - by Moray Carey

Members may be interested in this event which is proposed to take place at 8:00AM on Saturday 12th December 2020.

Entry - limited to 200 runners only - costs £15 plus online booking fee.

More info, including course map, may be obtained from race website.



Is that Usha in the not parkrun email?

It was reported to editorial that a sharp eyed Reigate Priory AC member noticed Usha pop up in the "not parkrun" email that we think went national.

I've heavily blurred the name to protect the informant. (Although it was Mike - LOL.)


Keep in touch

 It's more important than ever that we keep in touch with each other at this time. Stay safe everybody. Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see in the newsletter.

If you wish to get in touch our email address is  

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