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18/07/2024Jimmy James Handicap Race 2 at Priory Park
13/07/2024Elmore 7 at Chipstead
03/07/2024RPAC Summer Evening 10K at Priory Park
23/06/2024Ranelagh Richmond 10K at Ham
17/06/2024SCVAC League Match 3 at Kingston
11/06/2024MABAC Denbies at Denbies
06/06/2024Jimmy James Handicap Race 1 at Priory Park
02/06/2024Dorking 10s at Brockham
30/05/2024SLH NADI Race 1 at Farthing Down
19/05/2024MABAC Farnham Park at Farnham Park
13/05/2024SCVAC League Match 1 at Wimbledon track
12/05/2024Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon at Richmond
12/05/2024Run Gatwick at Gatwick
05/05/2024YMCA Fun Runs 2024 at Priory Park
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon at Greenwich
14/04/2024MABAC Winterfold Forest at Winterfold Forest
14/04/2024Manchester Marathon at Manchester
07/04/2024Sutton 10K at Nonsuch Park
07/04/2024Brighton Marathon at Brighton
03/03/2024MABAC Reigate Priory
03/03/2024Paddock Wood Half Marathon
29/02/2024Jimmy James Handicap 2023/24 Race 5 at Denbies
25/02/2024Wokingham Half Marathon at Wokingham
25/02/2024Cancer Research London Winter 10K at Westminster
18/02/2024Run Reigate Canicross & Trail at Gatton
18/02/2024Seville Marathon at Seville
17/02/2024British Masters Indoor Championships 2024 at Lee Valley
11/02/2024Barcelona Half Marathon at Barcelona
11/02/2024Eastern Masters AC and Veterans AC Indoor Championships at Lee Valley
10/02/20242023-24 Surrey League XC Juniors, Match 4 at West Horsley Place
10/02/20242023-24 Surrey League XC Ladies' Division 1 Match 4 at West Horley Place
10/02/20242023-24 Surrey League XC Men's Division 2 Match 4 at Lloyd Park
09/02/2024MABAC Windsor at Windsor Great Park
04/02/2024Chichester 10K at Goodwood Circuit
27/01/2024South of England XC Championships at Beckenham Place Park
27/01/2024South of England Junior XC Championships at Beckenham Place Park
25/01/2024Jimmy James Handicap 2023/24 Race 4 at Denvies
24/01/2024British Masters Indoor Pentathlon at Sheffield
13/01/20242023-24 Surrey League XC Juniors, Match 3 at Wimbledon Common
13/01/20242023-24 Surrey League XC Men's Division 2 Match 3 at Oxshott Woods
13/01/20242023-24 Surrey League XC Ladies' Division 1 Match 3 at Wimbledon Common
07/01/2024Tadworth 10 Miles at Epsom Downs
07/01/2024Tadworth 10K at Epsom Downs
07/01/2024Surrey County XC Championships at Denbies
07/01/2024Surrey County XC Champs (Junior) at Denbies
10/12/2023Telford 10K at Telford
09/12/2023South London Athletics Network Christmas Indoor Open at Carshalton
03/12/2023Valencia Marathon at Valencia
30/11/2023Jimmy James Handicap 2023/24 Race 3 at Denbies
25/11/2023South of The Thames 5 Mile Cross Country at Beckenham Place Park
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