Reigate Priory AC Awards, 2023


Ted Baker Awardfor contribution to the Club, Usha Stevens



Senior Club Champions





Time/ Age Grading

 Ed Prickett 5000m race 

 27th September 2023 at K2






Senior Lady  Jamilla Ncayiyana 21:01.3
Lady Vet 35  Linda Rodriguez 21:50.2
Lady Vet 45  Not Awarded  
Lady Vet 55  Annette Morris 26:04.6
Senior Men  Thomas Almond 16:04.7
Vet Men 40  Alister Moses 17:36.1
Vet Men 50  Nicholas Wade 19:16.7 
Vet Men 60 Dave Rayner 21:41.8 


 Ranelagh Richmond 10K

 25th June 2023 at Ham






Senior Lady  Ginevra Stoneley 00:40:46
Lady Vet 35   Gillian O' Regan 00:44:53
Lady Vet 45  Joanna Davey 00:45:38
Lady Vet 55  Annette Morris 00:52:21
Senior Men  Thomas Almond 00:35:00
Vet Men 40  Lee Savage 00:37:13
Vet Men 50 Andrew Reeves 00:38:30
Vet Men 60  Not Awarded  

10 Mile

Dorking 10

4th June 2023 at Brockham

Senior Lady  Laura Ebbs 01:05:45
Lady Vet 35  Hannah Wright 01:12:50
Lady Vet 45  Ginevra Stoneley 01:09:24
Lady Vet 55 Annette Morris 01:28:08
Senior Men  Thomas Almond 00:55:01
Vet Men 40 Lee Savage 01:01:53
Vet Men 50 Nicholas Wade 01:08:23
Vet Men 60  Ian Burks 01:11:12

Half Marathon

 Wokingham Half Marathon 

 26th February 2023 at Wokingham






 Senior Lady  Ginevra Stoneley 01:27:05
 Lady Vet 35  Not Awarded  
 Lady Vet 45  Ruth Willis 01:35:46
 Lady Vet 55  Annette Morris 01:59:31
 Senior Men  Thomas Almond 01:13:16 
 Vet Men 40  Neil Fenwick  01:20:25
 Vet Men 50  Nicholas Wade 01:28:5
 Vet Men 60  Mike Pocock 01:31:54


 Ladies' Champion Laura Ebbs 2:53:14
(London 23rd April 2023)


 Men's Champion  Thomas Almond 2:26:02
8th October 2023)

Andy Winterton Memorial Trophy

 (Highest age-graded marathon) Ginevra Stoneley 2:56:01 
(London 23rd April 2023)
Age Grading 83.97%

Age Graded Award

(Highest age-graded race below marathon distance) Joanna Davey

5:00.76 1500m 

(Carshalton 18th June 2023)

Age Grading 86.16%

Jimmy James


Coach’s Awards

 Ladies' Elizabeth Mason  
   Men's Jon Payn  


Senior X-C Awards (2021-22)


  • Senior Lady:         
  • Veteran lady:        
  • Captain's Award:   


  • Senior Man:          
  • Veteran Man:       
  • Captain's Award:  

 Junior Coaches' Awards 2023

Gracie Shade U11 Coaches' Award
Vivvy Loynes U11 Coaches' Award
Neve Macgregor U13-U17 Coaches' Award
Euan Willis U13-U17 Coaches' Award

 Junior Sprints & Jumps Athletes of The Year 2023

Lara Tombleson U13 Girls' Sprints/Jumps Award
Mateo Mahop U13 Boys' Sprints/Jumps Award
Heather King U15 Girls' Sprint/Jumps Award
Peter Littlemore U15 Boys' Sprints/Jumps Award

Junior Endurance Athlete of The Year  2023 (Cross Country and Track & Field)

Florence Tombleson U13 Girls' Endurance Award
Josh Emmerson U13 Boy's Endurance Award
Isla Kinniburgh U15 Girls' Endurance Award
Peter Littlemore U15 Boys' Endurance Award
Lilah Unwin U17 Women's Endurance Award
Samuel Stapley U17 Men's Endurance Award


 Junior PB Award Winners for 2023 (TBC)




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