Each year, the Club presents a number of Awards, which will be published here to celebrate the success of the recipients.

The Awards include:

  • Ted Baker Award, for contribution to the Club
  • Junior Section Individual Awards
  • Senior Section Club Champions 

Click on each year below for the recipients for that year.








The full list of Ted Baker Award winners is:

2010  Nat Wilson 
2011  Ian Edmonds
2012  Stewart McIntyre
2013 Donna Barrington-Smith
2014 Moray Carey
2015 Dave Mills
2016 Greg Knott
2017 Jas Dhanda
2018 Mike Scott
2019 Ian Martin
2020 Gavin Lawrence
2021 Malcolm Woodman
2022 Ian Thomas
2023 Usha Stevens


The list of people who have previously been awarded Honorary Membership include:

Moray Carey
Susan Carnell
Roger Gregory
John Hopkins
Gregory Knott
Stewart McIntyre
Ian Moore
Antony Read
Ian Thomas
Paul Walters
Rita Diffley
Mike Wilby