Summer Evening 10K course

The course has been measured by the Association of UK Course Measurers and is signed with km markers, supplemented by “caution” and directional signs at regular intervals.

All roads along the route will remain open to traffic so please use the pavement wherever available. Due to the course’s undulating nature, it’s unsuitable for wheelchair athletes.

A pace bike will lead the runners around the course to warn other road users a race is in progress. For your safety and that of other road users, Marshals will be deployed at strategic points along the route. You must obey their instructions at all times!

A Medical Despatch Emergency Response Unit & crew will be in attendance to provide medical cover. Qualified 1st Aiders will be deployed on the course and in the sweep vehicle.

The wearing of headphones or similar devices is not permitted.


Water Stations

Water will be available from an on-course drinks station sited at about 5k and at the finish. Please stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water in advance of the race. 


Starting from Priory Park the route heads right onto Park Lane then turns left onto the A25, West Street. At the Black Horse turn left into Flanchford Road. For the next 5 kms the route is largely over undulating country lanes without pavements. Please take care, keep to the left at all times and be extremely careful at blind bends.

Turning left into Clayhall Lane there’s a short climb at Flanchford Farm followed by a narrow section and a sharp bend to the right into Slipshatch Road, where there is a drinks station, just after 5k.

A few hundred metres further on 2 staggered traffic islands have been installed which reduce the width of the road with priority given to traffic approaching you. This location will be marshalled but extreme care must be taken.

The route enters residential roads at about 6K where you must use the footpath along Sandcross Lane and in Park Lane East. Turning right from Park Lane East into Park Lane at 7K you encounter a challenging hill! Note this road is narrow, twisting and largely without pavements, so please take care, be mindful of traffic and follow the instructions of marshals.

After reaching the top you descend and are within the last mile or so. When you re-enter Priory Park there is a sharp turn to the right taking you across the grass, around the Pond and back to the finish.


Summer Evening 10k Profile

To see the course on YouTube, please click here (courtesy of jamesthekat)

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