Southern Athletics League

The club participates in the Southern Athletics League in a joint team with Holland Sports and Dorking & Mole Valley. There a total of 5 matches each year, with most events at each match. Dates (once they are known) are displayed in the panel to the right of these page.

All age groups from U17 upwards are allowed to compete, although there a stricter regulations for the juniors as to how many / which events they are allowed to do. This is therefore an opportunity for the older juniors to compete with the seniors.

As it is a team event, doing well depends not only on performance but on participation as well, especially for the field events. It is recommended that seniors competing in the track races are in Grand Prix Groups 1 & 2, but everyone is welcome to try their hand at the field events if spaces are available!

For 2018, the RPAC contacts are Tessa Wardley (Juniors) and Nat Wilson assisted by Ginevra Stoneley & Jo Davey (Seniors). They will send out details of each match a couple of weeks beforehand.

Surrey County Championships

Seniors athletes are also encouraged to compete in the Surrey County Championships where appropriate. Please talk to Ian Martin for further information.

Southern Veterans T&F League

Seniors 35 and over are also able to compete in the Southern Veterans T&F League, see here for further details