• Establish a training structure suitable for all club members, so that each athlete will be given appropriate coaching. (The Head Coach might wish to engage a coaching co-ordinator to assist)
  • Coach the athletes in the senior section of the club.  (This is necessary initially but only desirable as the coaching structure is put in place)
  • Build and implement a strategy for coach development
  • Develop and mentor the current pool of coaches in the club. In due course the more senior coaches should be able to mentor junior coaches.
  • Work with the junior section coaches to ensure consistency across key aspects of coaching and training
  • In due course, establish and maintain a comprehensive pool of coaches across the different groups of athletes
  • Review the club’s competitive involvement and recommend changes where appropriate.
  • Set short, medium and long term targets for improved performance by the club’s athletes and teams.
  • Attend committee meetings


  • Availability to attend the club’s training sessions as often as required.
  • Experience of endurance coaching to a high standard
  • Clear ideas about club coaching structures
  • Clear ideas about the structure for coaching athletes, from beginners to top athletes.
  • Good communicator and teacher
  • Patient but firm
  • Track record of working in clubs with a number of coaches
  • Knowledge of coach training.
  • Ability to guide and mentor less experienced coaches.

6 hours per week minimum.