MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY (One of the 4 Club Officers)


  • Receive, check and authorise, if appropriate, membership applications.
  • Collect annual membership subscriptions and pass them to the Treasurer (if possible these fees should be paid direct to the bank’s bank account)
  • Maintain records of all club members in the designated classes of membership
  • Deal with enquiries about the club and membership from prospective members
  • Notify coaches about any athlete disability, and maintain such information in a confidential manner
  • Check website access requests by members against club records
  • Issue membership lists with contact details to coaches, captains, team managers and event organisers as appropriate
  • Welcome members to the club with relevant information about, rules, events and club participation (the membership pack).
  • Prepare and submit returns about club membership as and when required.
  • Attend committee meetings.


  • Adequate time to perform the role
  • Alert to constitutional and legal requirements
  • Tactful and discreet
  • Enthusiasm
  • Good organisational skills, and an ability to keep records (adequate PC skills)
  • Interested in people
  • Good communication skills
  • Honesty and integrity
  • An ability to handle money and cheques carefully
  • An ability to make decisions
  • A good eye for detail

2 hours a week all year activity with double that during the renewal season (about 3 months). This is separate to the time taken for committee business.