CHAIR (One of the 4 Club Officers)


  1. Chair Committee and General Meetings so that everybody has a chance to present their views.
  2. Represent the club at local, regional and national levels (mostly e-mail, occasional phone calls)
  3. Respond to queries addressed to the Chair from within and outside the club, and pass them on to the relevant person if necessary
  4. Write and disseminate club wide notices & updates
  5. Review relevant documentation from Officers, Committee, Race Directors, Coaches and Captains
  6. Named contact on Battlebridge Licence, so hence any issues relating to this
  7. Keep track of all outstanding actions by other members of the Committee and the club, provide assistance when required
  8. Undertaking actions in a timely fashion when nobody else is able to do so

Qualities required

  • Well informed about the activities of all sections of the club and its current financial position
  • Able to chair committee meetings and manage the general meetings so that everybody has a chance to express their views.
  • Well prepared and well informed about the agenda of the meeting and the items to be covered able to keep a debate focused, avoiding any deviations
  • Able to ensure that planning and budgeting for the future are carried out in accordance with the wishes of the members
  • Unbiased, impartial and, if personally involved in a matter, prepared to give up the chair during that particular discussion
  • A good listener, who is able to summarise the main points of a discussion
  • Able to communicate clearly and concisely to avoid confusion
  • Conversant with the constitution, policies and processes of the club, and with recommended procedure for the conduct of meetings
  • Diplomatic, helpful and able to get the best out of the other committee members
  • Able to maintain the harmony of the group, even when there is disagreement about the proposed course of action


  • Items 1 to 6 above, approximately 10 hours per month, but this may vary, depending on specific events such as the AGM
  • Items 7 and 8 above, very variable, but can be up to 10 hours / week at certain times of the year and dependent on the ability of others to undertake the work