Marathon Training

Many of our members will be running a marathon during 2015.  As assistance to these athletes, Martin McCarthy and I have prepared a generic 16 week marathon training schedule. This is structured for runners aiming for between 3 hours and 3 hours 30 minutes.  For those aiming for quicker, or slower times, the schedule can be flexed accordingly.  Please read carefully the comments below the schedule.  They provide guidance on items in the schedule as well as other topics of relevance to anyone running a marathon.  Even for those of you who have run marathons before, these notes will be a reminder of best practice.

Martin has also made available to RPAC a presentation he has given on preparing for the marathon.  This reiterates a number of the points made in the schedule and comments, but is worth a look – not least for the photo at the end.

Your 2015 Race Schedule

You are encouraged to set some goals for your racing and competition.  These goals can be set one, or a combination of:  specific races, distances, times and finishing positions.   This process gives focus to your training programme, and provides you with a guide to your progress.  Here is a sample schedule for 2015, which you can adapt to your personal requirements.

Running Diary

Keeping a running diary is the mark of a serious runner.  A running diary helps you to analyse past disappointments as well as successes. By writing down what you have done, and experienced while doing it, you can analyse your own running to see what works best for you. The record of your past provides the basis for your future schedule of races and training; especially with reference to the common goal of staying ‘injury-free’.

Your diary can be used in conjunction with your race schedule. For example, if you are intending to run a marathon, you can use your diary to set out your training schedule for the event, which you can tweak for the inevitable ups and downs from periods of good or bad form, injury etc.

There is no set format for a running diary, and there are many available from different sources via the internet. It can be a good Christmas present!

If you want to construct your own, here is a sample diary which can provide a good starting point.


Target times for training reps at Battlebridge and K2

Battlebridge and K2 sessions are the fastest sessions of your training week. To get the best out of these sessions, each athlete should be aim to replicate the personal target time for each rep across the whole session. A schedule of target times, based on 10K PBs, can be found here.

To use the schedule, locate your personal 10K PB, then work across the grid to the column(s) under this week's Tuesday session, and your target time per rep will be shown in the cell.