Saturday 27th April was parkrun tourism day event #2 at Banstead Woods.

We had a wonderful turn-out on the day - I think 30 people including guests.

In order of finishing we have Peter Littlemore, Laura Ebbs, Paul Walters, Linda Rodriguez, Ruth Willis, Joe Harrington, Jack Finn, Kate Pain, Gemma Frith, Lisa Ashley, Hydi Ashley, Jon Bell, Jake Boud, Sharon Miller,  Peter Luxton, Kelly Marie Mason, Gail Hill, Elaine Reddyhoff, Liz Mason, Sarah Spanton, Debs Grant, Adrian Grant, Naomi Jones, Kate Knight and Susie Cardoso, and guests Stuart Wise, Tomos Sale, Michael Clark, Charlie Fulton-Bell and Liz Clark.

Volunteers and supporters included Usha Stevens, Sharon Miller, Mel and Alex Fulton-Bell, Chris Sale and Sandra Murphy.

The full results from the parkrun website can be found here.

Photos from the event can be found here.

The current standings for our parkrun tourism competition can be found here.

Some highlights include...

Peter Littlemore was first to finish from Reigate Priory AC, and managed to still finish in a time not far from his Banstead Woods PB even though he did have an issue on the day. He is leading the way in the parkrun tourism competition, so well done Peter and really hope to see you at Lancing, our next destination.

Laura Ebbs was first lady from the club in a time of 20:56 and is leading the competition for the ladies.

I (Paul Walters) was trying for a time of 21:30, and I actually got it on the nose - first senior man from Reigate Priory AC, obtaining a Banstead Woods PB.

Debs Grant obtained a Banstead Woods PB.

Peter Luxton and Hydi Ashley were so close to obtaining a Banstead Woods PB.

Charlie Fulton-Bell obtained an overall parkrun PB of 34:33 but was running as a guest.

It was lovely to see our old friends Liz and Michael Clark who ran Banstead Woods parkrun and came to breakfast with us.

We finished off with a fabulous breakfast at Waterhouse Cafe, Kingswood.

Congratulations to everyone who attended to make this a special event.

A huge thank you to volunteers, participants and supporters. It really wouldn't be the same without you.

I hope to see you at Lancing Beach Green on Saturday 11th May for event #3 - more details to follow.

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