Ladies turn out in force at Winterfold MABAC

More pictures can be seen here.

A group of 16 RPAC runners successfully navigated the wilds of rural Surrey to arrive on time at the start line for the MABAC Winterfold Forest event yesterday. This is no mean feat as not only is the location pretty remote, but also we have to park some distance from the start and brave the plethora of cars and cyclists that seem to frequent the area. It probably didn't help that there was a cycling "sportive" event in progress in the area. Anyway made it we did.

For the first time this season we fielded a full "scoring"* ladies team - hurrah! - as well as a "scoring" men's team. We have struggled with numbers for the last few events so it was really lovely to see so many of us there. Spread the word - MABAC events are great!

This course is particularly hilly even by MABAC standards. Strava tells me that it involved 212m of climbing. It's true that there are some long downhill stretches on a forest road, but these are more than counteracted by a particularly tricky climb up what seems like a dry stream bed (but presumably isn't given the rain that we've had in the past few months). As MABAC courses are all two laps you have to do that climb twice. 

Provisional results have been published and place us in fourth place yesterday, however there are adjustments going on which I think may see us slip to fifth place behind our nearest rivals Epsom Oddballs. I will upload results to the club website once they have finalised.

Andrew Reeves was first home for us in fourth place overall in an impressive 00:33:47. Ben Stanton finished just two seconds later in 00:33:49 so I can only assume that they had a right old tussle up at the front. Paul Walters was next home for us in 33rd place in 00:40:18, swiftly followed by our first lady finisher Jamilla Ncayiyana, who finished in 39th place in 40:49. Andrew Patrick and Andrew Pringle completed the "scoring" men's team finishing in 00:43:35 and 00:45:24 respectively. The other "scoring" ladies were Nicky Cunningham, Jo Hennessy, Philippa Drysdale and Gemma Firth (00:46:08, 00:47:00, 00:48:59 and 00:50:27 respectively). Also running were Gareth Bowers, Andrew Bamford, Sharon Miller, Juliette Stern, Kelly-Marie Mason and Sam Grant. 

A big shout out to Nicky Cunningham and Sam Grant who were making their MABAC debuts for RPAC. 

Another big shout out to Ruth Willis and Gail Hill who volunteered to help marshal this event. The turnout from all clubs was huge - approximately 80 more runners than usual apparently.

The next MABAC race is on Sunday 19th May in Farnham Park. I hope to see many of you there.

* MABAC scoring rules are arcane to say the least. The official explanation is as follows:

"Consider all runners as falling into 2 categories; ‘Scorers’ and ‘Non-scorers’. For each club, the combined team of the first 5 men and first 5 women in that club are in the Scorer category. (If any club doesn’t have at least 5 men and 5 women, they lose the advantage of 1 or more Scorer.) Now, put all of these Scorers from all clubs in a list, in order of finishing. The runner at the bottom of the list is allocated 1 bonus point, next one up two bonus points and so on to the top of the list. To put it another way, each Scoring runner is allocated bonus points equal to the number of Scoring runners below him/her, +1. Note that the points for the runner at the top of the list is not constant, it varies according to the number of runners present at each event. Having done that, add 5 (or 8) points, to represent the number of miles run, to every runner, Scorer or Non-scorer. This gives the final total of points for each runner..

Joggers, walkers, and runners retiring after the first lap, each receive 2 points (no bonuses)"




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