You can see all of the details of the RPAC parkrun tourism on this page, and you can see who the parkrun tourism managers are (Adrian, Gail and myself) on the Who's who page.

Saturday March 23rd was the first Reigate Priory AC parkrun tourism fixture date for 2024, and the venue was Reigate Priory.

We picked this as the parkrun tourism venue for March 2024 as on this day the parkrun had its 10th anniversary, and I (Paul Walters) ran in my first MV60 event having very recently had a significant birthday.

An RPAC gazebo appeared in the park (as seen above waiting for finishers of parkrun) to try to attract new members and to serve refreshments to anyone from RPAC. We were preparing food from 6AM and came into the park at 8AM to set up. Once the event was over we took the gazebo down and went out of the park at 11AM, and although I have been preparing for the event for a few weeks, Sarah Walters' preparation, organisation and hard work in getting the gazebo in place in time with lots of food and drink was invaluable if not a little stressful. Roger Hillier, a previous club member, was in the park before 8AM, and helped us construct the gazebo, set up the tables with the display, food and drink, manned the gazebo throughout and helped us put everything back in the car. Antony Read helped us dismantle things. Some of you will remember Antony well as a previous very active member some years ago, and if he doesn't mind me saying goes back a fair way with local athletics, being a very accomplished athlete for Redhill & Reigate AC back in the early years and then Redhill and Surrey Beagles before joining RPAC. It was really good to see Antony again. Andrew Bamford also pitched into the dismantling and removal. Thank you to everyone who helped.

Adrian Grant informs me that Saturday saw the 5th highest ever Reigate Priory parkrun attendance, and the highest since the return from covid times.

By my calculation we had 52 members participating in the parkrun - a number I could have only dreamed of. It was really lovely to see such a huge turn-out from the club.

Some highlights...

Max Smithson was 2nd in the event and first home for RPAC in a time of 18:46.

Our first junior was Peter Littlemore who came 4th in the parkrun in a time of 19:23.

Eloise Bull was first lady in the parkrun and came 10th overall with a time of 19:57.

Tim Pearson came 13th in the event, obtained a course PB and was 3 seconds off an overall parkrun PB with a time of 20:28.

Ruth Willis came 43rd overall with a course PB of 22:32.

I (Paul Walters) came 44th in the event with a time of 22:35. The only reason why I mention this is that I was not the first MV60, so I have some work to do!

Isla Stock was our first female junior U16 with a position of 51st and a time of 22:53.

Olivia Halfacre, finishing in 75th place, obtained a new course PB of 24:07.

A special mention to Ken Packer, one of our Couch to 5K Programme graduates, who finished in 384th position with a time of 49:53. Ken had not run in this parkrun previously, and I know how much effort he put into the preparation and the event itself, so congratulations Ken, and hope to see you at future events!

One for the stats geeks - has RPAC ever turned out 3 x MV70's in an event? On Saturday we had Peter, Moray and Ken.

As per this page where you'll see competition rules and full details, the current standings for RPAC parkrun tourism 2024 are as below. All other participants have 1 point.

 You can download the RPAC parkrun tourism results to-date in Excel workbook form and also see the full parkrun results. If you notice any errors or omissions please do let the parkrun tourism managers know. I was given the opportunity to write the report for the news on the Reigate Priory parkrun site, and you can see it here.

You can see the attendance at the gazebo in full flight in the image below...

This is a snapshot of attendees. Some had not completed the parkrun when this photo was taken. Other friends and members of RPAC turned up later too. It was lovely to see people from the Couch to 5K Programme both participate in the parkrun and visit the gazebo. We have some imposters in this photo - between Michael Stanley and Annette Morris we have Steve, an old friend and colleague of mine and a member of D&MV AC. On the far right we have Georgie, who participated in the parkrun and is a guest from The Movement Mechanics. She leads my pilates session on a Monday.

If we concentrate on my image within this picture for a second...

... you'll see a wonderful tee-shirt given to me for my birthday. I don't want to go on about gifts and the birthday, apart from saying I really do appreciate the thought behind the gifts, and they are all very special. I really appreciate the attendance of everyone who participated, making for a great event.

The gazebo went onto the radar of Dave Mills' juniors session who were training in the park. They dispatched two of the junior girls for a recce, and they returned to the group with a promise of free food. All of the session members descended on the gazebo at 11AM to hoover up most of what remained of our food.

We returned the gazebo, equipment and the remainder of the food and drink to the car in Bell Street car park, and went off shortly after 11AM.

By 12:30 it was raining and hailing! I hope to see you at fixture 2 - Banstead Woods on Saturday 27th April.

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