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Recent Volunteers

Volunteers - MABAC & Border League

Stewart McIntyre, Rick Coles, Caroline Wheatley, Ruth Willis, Claire Humphrey, Andrew Bamford, Niall McGregor, Carol Orchard, Mike Pocock, Ginevra Stoneley, Mike Gent, Fiona Gent, Sharon Miller, Julia Kinniburgh, Paul Chandler, Adrian Grant, Paul Walters, Thalia Hessey, Moray Carey, Jas Dhanda, Ian Crouch, Malcolm Woodman, Frank O'Regan, Ian Strong, Andrew Patrick, Andrew Bennett, Sophie Bassi, Ruth Breslaw, Max Smithson, Mr Kirk, Mr Barton.

Recent Volunteers, Jan/Feb 2020

Surrey T&F Indoor Champs, 15-16/2/2020: Ivan Barrett, Ashley Burridge  Surrey Men's XC League - Lloyd Pk, 8/2/2020: Ashley Burridge Surrey Secondary Schools XC Champs - Priory Pk, 18/1/2020: Ivan Barrett, Ashley Burridge, Ian Crouch, Sue Carnell, Paul Chandler, Fiona Gent, Mike Gent, Stewart McIntyre, Michael Stanley, Ian Thomas, Natalie Wilson

Volunteer @ Surrey League X-C, Chobham, 11/1/20

Ashley Burridge - Timekeeper

Volunteers @ Holly Run, 15th December 2019

Adam Woodman, Adrian Bowden, Adrian Grant, Andrew Bamford, Andrew Bennett, Andrew Patrick, Annette Morris, Ashley Burridge, Becky Martin, Caroline Orchard, Caroline Wheatley, Claire Humphrey, David Harris, David Neumann, Dino Pelekani, Donna Barrington-Smith, Duncan Mallison, Emma McAuliffe, Fiona Gent, Frank O'Regan, Ginevra Stoneley, Graham Bull, Helena Tomkins, Ian Crouch, Ian Martin, Ian Miller (Lingfield RC), Ian Thomas, Iris McAuliffe, Jack Finn, Jacqui James, Jane Patrick, Janet Moore, Jas Dhanda, Jim Vince, Jo Davey, Libby Rebuck, Lisa Payn, Malcolm Woodman, Mel Fulton-Bell, Michael Stanley, Mike Gent, Mike Pocock, Mike Scott, Moray Carey, Natalie Wilson, Nicholas Wade, Paul Chandler, Paul Lockye, Paul Walters, Peter Crawshaw, Richard Scrase, Rick Coles, Rob Wigley, Sam Burnett, Sarah Finch, Sarah Walters, Sharon Brennan, Sonia Galloway, Sophie Potter, Stewart McIntyre, Sue Carnell, Taryn Bennett, Thalia Hessey, Tim Else, Usha Stevens

Volunteers @ Priory Relays, 2nd Nov 2019

Adrian Grant, Ali Rustige, Amira & Lashelle Marlow, Andrew Bamford, Anthony Read, Ashley Burridge, Bethany Higgins, Charl Jordaan, Claire Humphrey, Colin Kloes, Craig Parke, Dan Statham, David Clark, David Harris, David Manrow, David Nurse, Drew Burridge, Fran Afonso, Francesca Manrow, Frank O’Regan, Ian Crouch, Ian Martin, Ian Thomas, Jas Dhanda, Jenny Carus, Lee Savage, Lisa Payn, Lou Schofield, Malcolm Woodman, Matthew Aylott, Moray Carey, Nicholas Wade, Paul Chandler, Paul Walters, Pete Statham, Rick Coles, Roger Hillier, Sam Burnett, Sarah Walters, Sharon Brennan, Stephen Smith, Sue Statham, Usha Stevens

What's starting?

We are starting a Saturday morning gently paced social running group from Saturday 8th August 10:30AM ideal for those who have taken part in our "Couch to 5K" programme for instance, although all members are welcome.

Where will we meet?

We will meet at at a park bench in front of Reigate Priory School by the Sunken Garden.

Why should I join in?

The intention is for social (but socially distanced) running and occasional walking as required with the emphasis on a fun low-key way to get fitter.

We will finish off with an optional socially distanced coffee obtained from the café where the group may need to split depending on group numbers and current government guidance.

What routes will we take?

We will be finding routes of about three or four miles that will take approximately 40 minutes up to 1 hour.

This could include routes heading West along paths towards Reigate Heath, or on roads around the environs of Reigate. Road running shoes will be fine. We will attempt to avoid mud!

Here are some routes...

  1. From the park towards the heath
  2. From the park to Donyings
  3. Laps within Priory Park

What about COVID-19?

To participate in each session each person will need to sign a 7 question pre-activity questionnaire in keeping with other RPAC groups.

If participants are particularly concerned about the social distancing or have an underlying condition then they are encouraged to make this known to the leader.

All participants must remain socially distanced at all times, meaning at least 2 metres apart and we will therefore be setting off in a staggered fashion.

The group leader will carry PPE and will "lead" from the rear of the group.

Participants are expected to stay within visible range of the participant behind them.

Participants will be asked to run back to the leader on reaching various points within the route in order to keep the group together.

How much does it cost?

Nothing of course. This is all part of your club membership.

How can I enrol?

Should you wish to be included within this group please contact Paul Walters by emailing for inclusion in the list of attendees.

There will strictly be a limit of 12 participants within the group on any occasion.

Once enrolled how can we keep in touch?

There is a WhatsApp group called "RPAC Saturday Group" that you will be encouraged to join to stay in touch with the group and to hear the route information for the week.

Update on training sessions for all members

To all members, parents & guardians, Following the recent change to COVID-19 restrictions, I am pleased that the advice from both Sport England and England Athletics is that we are able to continue to run club training sessions with more than 6...

Saturday Morning Social Running Group

What's starting? We are starting a Saturday morning gently paced social running group from Saturday 8th August 10:30AM ideal for those who have taken part in our "Couch to 5K" programme for instance, although all members are welcome. Where will we...

COVID-19 Update: Senior coached training

To all Seniors, We have now reviewed the latest EA advice on training, plus Ellis has spoken to EA direct to clarify the situation. We are permitted to increase the number of athletes training at the same time, as long as we maintain an...