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Recent Volunteers

Volunteers - MABAC & Border League

Stewart McIntyre, Rick Coles, Caroline Wheatley, Ruth Willis, Claire Humphrey, Andrew Bamford, Niall McGregor, Carol Orchard, Mike Pocock, Ginevra Stoneley, Mike Gent, Fiona Gent, Sharon Miller, Julia Kinniburgh, Paul Chandler, Adrian Grant, Paul Walters, Thalia Hessey, Moray Carey, Jas Dhanda, Ian Crouch, Malcolm Woodman, Frank O'Regan, Ian Strong, Andrew Patrick, Andrew Bennett, Sophie Bassi, Ruth Breslaw, Max Smithson, Mr Kirk, Mr Barton.

Recent Volunteers, Jan/Feb 2020

Surrey T&F Indoor Champs, 15-16/2/2020: Ivan Barrett, Ashley Burridge  Surrey Men's XC League - Lloyd Pk, 8/2/2020: Ashley Burridge Surrey Secondary Schools XC Champs - Priory Pk, 18/1/2020: Ivan Barrett, Ashley Burridge, Ian Crouch, Sue Carnell, Paul Chandler, Fiona Gent, Mike Gent, Stewart McIntyre, Michael Stanley, Ian Thomas, Natalie Wilson

Volunteer @ Surrey League X-C, Chobham, 11/1/20

Ashley Burridge - Timekeeper

Volunteers @ Holly Run, 15th December 2019

Adam Woodman, Adrian Bowden, Adrian Grant, Andrew Bamford, Andrew Bennett, Andrew Patrick, Annette Morris, Ashley Burridge, Becky Martin, Caroline Orchard, Caroline Wheatley, Claire Humphrey, David Harris, David Neumann, Dino Pelekani, Donna Barrington-Smith, Duncan Mallison, Emma McAuliffe, Fiona Gent, Frank O'Regan, Ginevra Stoneley, Graham Bull, Helena Tomkins, Ian Crouch, Ian Martin, Ian Miller (Lingfield RC), Ian Thomas, Iris McAuliffe, Jack Finn, Jacqui James, Jane Patrick, Janet Moore, Jas Dhanda, Jim Vince, Jo Davey, Libby Rebuck, Lisa Payn, Malcolm Woodman, Mel Fulton-Bell, Michael Stanley, Mike Gent, Mike Pocock, Mike Scott, Moray Carey, Natalie Wilson, Nicholas Wade, Paul Chandler, Paul Lockye, Paul Walters, Peter Crawshaw, Richard Scrase, Rick Coles, Rob Wigley, Sam Burnett, Sarah Finch, Sarah Walters, Sharon Brennan, Sonia Galloway, Sophie Potter, Stewart McIntyre, Sue Carnell, Taryn Bennett, Thalia Hessey, Tim Else, Usha Stevens

Volunteers @ Priory Relays, 2nd Nov 2019

Adrian Grant, Ali Rustige, Amira & Lashelle Marlow, Andrew Bamford, Anthony Read, Ashley Burridge, Bethany Higgins, Charl Jordaan, Claire Humphrey, Colin Kloes, Craig Parke, Dan Statham, David Clark, David Harris, David Manrow, David Nurse, Drew Burridge, Fran Afonso, Francesca Manrow, Frank O’Regan, Ian Crouch, Ian Martin, Ian Thomas, Jas Dhanda, Jenny Carus, Lee Savage, Lisa Payn, Lou Schofield, Malcolm Woodman, Matthew Aylott, Moray Carey, Nicholas Wade, Paul Chandler, Paul Walters, Pete Statham, Rick Coles, Roger Hillier, Sam Burnett, Sarah Walters, Sharon Brennan, Stephen Smith, Sue Statham, Usha Stevens

Assuming we can resume training from 29th March, I am planning to use the same groups that we established last year after lockdown 2. See below for the full list.

Please contact me if any of the following apply:

  • You are not on the list and want to be added. Please tell me when you are available so I can identify the most appropriate session
  • You want to move to a different session
  • You no longer want to be on the list at all

Training will be under the same "COVID Secure Environment" rules that we were following before lockdowns 2, namely:

  • Everyone must sign to acknowledge that they can answer "No" to the 7 COVID related questions before each session
  • Do not come to a session if you have a cold or other "bug", just in case
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times
  • No socialising before or after sessions
  • Use of hand sanitiser before and after sessions is strongly encouraged
  • We are limited to 12 athletes per coach, under England Athletics (not government) rules

A few "rules" going forward:

  • All Tuesday groups have more than 12 athletes per coach, so we are relying on some people not being available each week to bring us down to 12. We have not had a problem with this approach so far, so there is no need for you to tell us if you can't make a session
  • Because the Tuesday groups are already so large, if you are not on the finalised list, then I'm afraid there will be no opportunity to train on a Tuesday evening
  • We are unlikely to have any coaching cover for Usha on Thursday if she is not available. In that scenario, the session will have to be cancelled
  • The social recovery runs and Thursday track session at Battlebridge all have fewer than 12 on the list. It is possible therefore for you to take part in these even if you are not on the list, on a first-come, first-served basis.



Training Groups - Updated Version, 6th May 2021

Monday 6 pm from Battlebridge (10) (Ian / Usha)

  • David Winzer
  • Debbie Robinson
  • Michael Bashford
  • Usha Stevens
  • Alex Holland
  • Chris Wigley
  • Adrian Grant
  • Jenny Carus
  • Andrew England
  • Victoria Stammars

Tuesday 7 pm Battlebridge (18) (Ellis / Malcolm) (Endurance / Middle distance)

  • Chris Daniels
  • Henry Munro
  • Sarah Pemberton
  • Andrew Reeves
  • Lee Savage
  • Gavin Lawrence
  • Alex Green
  • Matt Ryde
  • Jo Davey
  • Thomas Almond
  • Jamilla Ncayiyana
  • Shane Dowle
  • Fran Dunham
  • Ewan McKay
  • Ian Stammars
  • Tanya Johnson
  • Huw Davies (Trial)
  • Michael Macfarlane

Tuesday 7 pm Battlebridge (23) (Usha) (Less intense)

  • John Nash
  • Bethany Higgins
  • Kimberley Duckworth
  • Sharon Miller
  • Maxine Voutilainen
  • Jake Boud
  • Alana Dunlop
  • Senthilkumar Rajaram
  • Carmela Charalambous
  • Eleanor Booker
  • Anna Roberson
  • Lisa Payn
  • Annette Morris
  • Taryn Bennett
  • Sharon Brennan
  • Mike Pocock
  • Claire Humphrey
  • Daniel Emson-Jukes
  • Karima Graham
  • Elisabeth Stenning (Trial)
  • Derwella Moreno
  • Luke Kourtis (Trial)
  • Julian Rowlands

Tuesday 8 pm Battlebridge (25) (Malcolm / Usha) (Endurance)

  • Nicholas Wade
  • Leanne Mckeogh
  • Jas Dhanda
  • Ruth Willis
  • Nick Day
  • Jim Vince
  • Doug Kington
  • Clare Pryor
  • Rob Wigley
  • Jon Payn
  • Duncan Mallison
  • David Neumann
  • Stephen Smith
  • Linda Rodriguez
  • Steve Cheesman
  • Gillian O’Regan
  • Ginevra Stoneley
  • Neil Fenwick
  • Conner Wickens
  • Neil Freeman-Jones
  • Laura Ebbs
  • Alex Mansfield
  • Jon Gamman
  • Tom Ryan
  • Felix Kennedy (Trial)
  • Jack Kavanagh (Trial)

Wednesday 7 pm from YMCA Sovereign Centre (14) (Ian / Ralph)

  • Peter Luxton
  • Andrew Bamford
  • Philippa Drysdale
  • Paul Walters
  • Juliette Stern
  • James England
  • Jenny Barrett
  • Ralph Tuckwell
  • Mel Fulton-Bell
  • Maxine White
  • Hannah Wright
  • Gail Hill
  • Joanna Mckew (Trial)
  • Michael Stanley

Thursday 7 pm Battlebridge (19) (Usha) (Endurance / Middle distance)

  • Frank o’Regan
  • Paddy Patrick
  • Andrew Bennett
  • Emelye Camisotti
  • Niall Macgregor
  • Christian Froggatt
  • Nicola Froggatt
  • Martin Ellaby
  • Jack Finn
  • Angie Steadman
  • Elaine Reddyhoff
  • Nat Wilson
  • Malcolm Woodman
  • Alaster Smith
  • Colin Kloes
  • Alistair Swanpoel
  • Graeme Hunter
  • Nathaniel Logan (Trial)
  • Lucy Berryman (Trial)

Saturday 10.30 am Priory Park (7) (Paul)

  • Ken Packer
  • Viv Riddle
  • Kate Knight
  • Ashleigh Brailsford
  • Susie Cardosa
  • Naomi Jones
  • Maggie Swinnerton (Trial)

The idea behind Reigate Priory AC's Couch to 5K Programme

If you want to get fitter and healthier, run socially with others or feel better in yourself, then perhaps this is for you. 

Whatever your motivation, we are running a Couch to 5K training programme designed for beginners, to progressively build up running ability so that you can run 5Km without stopping by the end of the 9 week course.

Couch to 5Km training courses are widely available, and so this is a tried and tested method widely accessible to everyone.

You might be aware that 5Km is generally the distance of all Parkruns, which are running events all over the UK and beyond that are free and take place on each Saturday morning.

This programme will condition you for running these regularly should you wish to do so, and our local Parkrun is in our very own Reigate Priory (as well as Banstead Woods, Denbies, Tilgate Park, Horsham, etc.)

Our current intention for the 10th week is for Couch to 5K graduation to take place for this course on Saturday 10th July 2021 at Riddlesdown Parkrun, but of course this relies on the opening up of parkrun events.

Above you can see the Couch to 5K graduation day from our previous course, held at Tilgate Parkrun.


The date of the next programme

The next Reigate Priory AC Couch to 5K training programme is from Saturday 8th May to Saturday 10th July 2021 at 10:30AM each week.

Meet location is in front of the Reigate Priory by the Sunken Garden.



This programme is open to absolutely anyone (aged 18 or above) as long as you do not have a health condition that excludes you from the course. If you do have a medical condition, then please see the Reigate Priory AC Couch to 5km Training Programme information and Registration Form for more details.



While participating on this course, we will all need to socially distance from each other as well as all other people in the park. Current government guidance stipulates that we should stay 2 metres apart.


The schedule for the programme

The programme lasts for 9 weeks. There is a schedule that you will receive with three activities per week, starting with gentle walk / run exercise, and ending with continuous running.

On the Saturday of each of these weeks you will be expected to join a communal training session in Reigate's Priory Park at 10:30AM, led by leaders and coaches of Reigate Priory AC.

For the other two sessions within each week, you need to follow the schedule in your own time, and we advise all participants of the programme to not exceed the training programme during the week.

On the tenth week, you will be invited to take part in a 5km run.

After the tenth week, you may wish to join Reigate Priory AC to take part in our running, which includes a Saturday Social running group that runs at 10:30AM in Priory Park.


The cost of the Couch to 5K Training Programme

The cost of the programme is £15, payable once you have submitted the registration form. This amount will be deducted from your first membership fee should you decide to join Reigate Priory Athletic Club.

Other than this, there are kit requirements, so you need suitable running shoes, a watch or phone to track your time (device with GPS or heart rate monitor not necessary), you'll need high-vis clothing and a torch if you will be running during hours of darkness, and for female participants, a good fitting sports bra is recommended. See the Information and Registration Form for more details on these kit requirements.


About Reigate Priory AC

We are a well-established local running club with a history back to the 1970's. While we do perform in competition to a high level, we pride ourselves in being a running club for all ages and abilities. While we encourage our members to take part in competition (and we do have competition for all ability groups) the primary objective is to enjoy the participation within the club.


Further details and contacts

Please see the Reigate Priory AC Couch to 5km Training Programme information here, the Registration Form here, and the programme schedule here.

You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any queries or require further information.

If you have others who are interested you can distribute our Couch to 5K poster.

The couch to 5km course is limited to 12 places. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Senior Training Groups from Monday 29th March 2021

Assuming we can resume training from 29th March, I am planning to use the same groups that we established last year after lockdown 2. See below for the full list. Please contact me if any of the following apply: You are not on the list and want to...

Reigate Priory AC's Couch to 5K Programme

The idea behind Reigate Priory AC's Couch to 5K Programme If you want to get fitter and healthier, run socially with others or feel better in yourself, then perhaps this is for you.  Whatever your motivation, we are running a Couch to 5K training...