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Recent Volunteers

Volunteers @ Summer Evening 10K - 21/7/2021

Janet Moore, Ian Moore, Paddy Patrick, Ian Thomas, Natalie Perrott, Usha Stevens, Ewan McKay, Ian Crouch, Moray Carey, Nat Wilson, Max Wilson, Andrew Bamford, Mel Fulton Bell, Mike Gent, Ellis Cain Jones, Chris Veale, Claire Humphrey, Colin Kloes, Linda Rodriguez, Neil Fenwick, Caroline Wheatley, Amelie Potter, Sophia Potter, Lisa Payn, Thomas Payn, Nathan Payn, Jake Boud, Adrian Grant, Ed Clements, Tom Almond, Al Smith, Rick Coles, Laura Ebbs, Charlotte Ebbs, Taryn Bennett, Taryn's boyfriend Tom, Sharon Miller, Mike Pocock, Andrew Pringle, Andy Walker, Nick Wade, Tanya O'Connor, Jay Johnson, James England, Angie Steadman, Miller Hannah, Ruth Willis, Steve Watkins, Richard Scrase, Antony Reed, Alex Green, Fran Alfonso, Carol Orchard, Felix Kennedy, Kate Knight, Tom Ryan, Nick Day, Ian Edmonds, Michael Stanley, Michael Bashford, Lucy Berryman, Jas Dhanda, Hannah Wright, Gail Hill, Paul Chandler, Stephen Smith, Jack Finn, Ralph Tuckwell, Ashleigh Brailsford, Elaine Reddyhof, Andrew Bennett, Chris Halliday, Ian Burks, Donna Barrington-Smith, Adam Lloyd, Frank O'Regan, Chris Daniels, Jenny Carus, Sarah Pemberton, Anthony Collins, Ben Son, Ellis Cain-Jones

Volunteers - MABAC & Border League

Stewart McIntyre, Rick Coles, Caroline Wheatley, Ruth Willis, Claire Humphrey, Andrew Bamford, Niall McGregor, Carol Orchard, Mike Pocock, Ginevra Stoneley, Mike Gent, Fiona Gent, Sharon Miller, Julia Kinniburgh, Paul Chandler, Adrian Grant, Paul Walters, Thalia Hessey, Moray Carey, Jas Dhanda, Ian Crouch, Malcolm Woodman, Frank O'Regan, Ian Strong, Andrew Patrick, Andrew Bennett, Sophie Bassi, Ruth Breslaw, Max Smithson, Mr Kirk, Mr Barton.

Recent Volunteers, Jan/Feb 2020

Surrey T&F Indoor Champs, 15-16/2/2020: Ivan Barrett, Ashley Burridge  Surrey Men's XC League - Lloyd Pk, 8/2/2020: Ashley Burridge Surrey Secondary Schools XC Champs - Priory Pk, 18/1/2020: Ivan Barrett, Ashley Burridge, Ian Crouch, Sue Carnell, Paul Chandler, Fiona Gent, Mike Gent, Stewart McIntyre, Michael Stanley, Ian Thomas, Natalie Wilson

Volunteer @ Surrey League X-C, Chobham, 11/1/20

Ashley Burridge - Timekeeper

Volunteers @ Holly Run, 15th December 2019

Adam Woodman, Adrian Bowden, Adrian Grant, Andrew Bamford, Andrew Bennett, Andrew Patrick, Annette Morris, Ashley Burridge, Becky Martin, Caroline Orchard, Caroline Wheatley, Claire Humphrey, David Harris, David Neumann, Dino Pelekani, Donna Barrington-Smith, Duncan Mallison, Emma McAuliffe, Fiona Gent, Frank O'Regan, Ginevra Stoneley, Graham Bull, Helena Tomkins, Ian Crouch, Ian Martin, Ian Miller (Lingfield RC), Ian Thomas, Iris McAuliffe, Jack Finn, Jacqui James, Jane Patrick, Janet Moore, Jas Dhanda, Jim Vince, Jo Davey, Libby Rebuck, Lisa Payn, Malcolm Woodman, Mel Fulton-Bell, Michael Stanley, Mike Gent, Mike Pocock, Mike Scott, Moray Carey, Natalie Wilson, Nicholas Wade, Paul Chandler, Paul Lockye, Paul Walters, Peter Crawshaw, Richard Scrase, Rick Coles, Rob Wigley, Sam Burnett, Sarah Finch, Sarah Walters, Sharon Brennan, Sonia Galloway, Sophie Potter, Stewart McIntyre, Sue Carnell, Taryn Bennett, Thalia Hessey, Tim Else, Usha Stevens

I hope that you and your families are keeping safe and well and that you had a happy and peaceful Easter. With the lighter evenings and the (sometimes) warmer weather it certainly is starting to feel like there is light at the end of the long Covid-19 tunnel. 

All Club News 


And we're back!

After a year of disruption training was able to resume for most groups from last Monday. I think turnout was good for the senior groups and I imagine that the junior groups were well attended too. 

 Here is the Wednesday evening senior group rediscovering the joys of running in Priory Park.


I'm not sure whether they were 'taking the knee' in gratitude or whether they were trying not to block out the magnificent backdrop. 

Left to right are Usha Stevens, Adrian Grant, James England, Melanie Fulton-Bell, Debbie Robinson, Ian Edmonds, Kate Knight, Peter Luxton, Jack Finn, Juliette Stern, David Winzer and Gail Hill.


The Club AGM - a date for your diaries

The AGM will be held on Monday 26th April. Please add this date to your diaries. More details are on the Noticeboard. If you have not received a formal notification (email) please contact the club secretary 

We still have no candidates for the post of Club Chair which will become vacant at the AGM. There is an updated description of the Chair role here.  Malcolm is waiting to discuss the role with anyone who thinks that they might be interested in taking on this position. It is possible for the club to have co-chairs if you would be willing to share the role with others. 

We will also be awarding senior trophies to the 2020 Club Champions and to other competition winners.  

Sportsshoes.com Discount

The discount code for April will be shared in the email version of this newsletter. Don't forget that we are not allowed to share this outside of the club.   


Junior Section News 

Isla's Fantastic Fundraising

Isla Kinniburg and her friend Nicole (sorry, I don't have her surname) each ran 50K over 5 weeks from 1st March to raise money for GreenPeace. Their target was to raise £150 and at the time of writing they have raised a fantastic £578. Well done Isla and Nicole! If you would like to contribute to their fundraising  a link to their Just Giving page will be included in the email version of the newsletter. 


Return to Junior Training

The Saturday morning 9:00 group restarted on Saturday April 3rd.   

Gavin Lawrence and Dave Mills will be in touch directly with their groups with arrangements for the resumption of training.


Dates for Your Diary 

Surrey Quadkids team event on Wednesday 23 June 5:30 at Guildford for school years 5 and 6.  

The athletics leagues are looking to hold events over the summer and the following dates have been confirmed so far:

YDL Lower age group 5th June, 17th July and 4th  September

YDL Upper age group 30th May, 27th June, 25th  July and 5th September 

Lily B  26th June, 7th August and 28th  August


Senior Section News 

RPAC Athletes Back With a Vengeance

RPAC athletes returned to competition with a spring in their step and racked up a host of PBs and two new club records. 

On Wednesday (31st March) Tom Almond took part in the Comeback 5000 in Battersea Park, organised by Belgrave Harriers. He finished in a very speedy 15:41. Well done Tom.

On Saturday (3rd March) Ginevra Stoneley and Kate Knight took part in the Dorney Lake Marathon.

Ginevra set a new club record by finishing in 2:55:29, beating the previous record (set by Ginevra) by 3½ minutes. Fantastic result Ginevra!

Kate Knight completed her 69th marathon, finishing in 6:51:19, just 3½ months after having had spinal surgery. Amazing Kate!  Kate says that she is looking forward to completing her 70th marathon on 17th April. 

Here is Ginevra on her way to her new club record


..and here is Kate having completed her 69th Marathon


Also on Saturday Frank and Gillian O'Regan both notched up new 10k PBs at the Run Through Kempton Park event, finishing in 36:47 and 43:29 respectively. Well done Team O'Regan!

At the same event Doug Kington scored a new PB in the Half Marathon distance by finishing in 1:39:30. Brilliant run Doug!

Today (5th April) Eloise Bull , George Roux and Steve Cheesman all took part in the PB5K at Ardingly Showground. They finished in 18:43, 15:57 and 17:51 respectively. Well done to you all!

Eloise's time is a new club record, beating the previous record (set by Ginevra) by 12 seconds. Fantastic result Eloise!

Just a reminder that if you are taking part in a race that could form part of this year's Club championships you need to include your affiliation to RPAC for it to appear correctly on Power of 10.  


Keep in touch

 Stay safe everybody. Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see in the newsletter.

If you wish to get in touch our email address is   

Volunteers needed for London Marathon 2021 on Sunday 3 October

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Summer Evening 10K Wednesday 21st July 2021

The Summer Evening 10k is an undulating, multi-terrain, 10k race open to anyone 15 years or over on the day of the race, suitable for club runners and recreational runners alike. It starts in Reigate’s attractive Priory Park before exiting onto...

Senior Training Groups from Monday 29th March 2021

Assuming we can resume training from 29th March, I am planning to use the same groups that we established last year after lockdown 2. See below for the full list. Please contact me if any of the following apply: You are not on the list and want to...

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